Commercialize your images

TagPicker transforms every image on your website into an interactive digital shopping mall. Without any coding we connect your products, customers and merchants, unlocking untapped revenue opportunities.

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What is TagPicker

What is TagPicker?

  • We are an easy way to tag multiple products in a single image and link them directly to product detail pages.
  • Our widget allows you to share interactive images with your tagged product(s) on 3rd party websites.
  • You can integrate TagPicker to your website without a developer.

TagPicker is a SaaS, no installation is required! You can simply create an account and get going within minutes. Request a Demo.

How does TagPicker work?

Select the images on your website that you want to commercialize

Tag your products on the selected image

Connect the products with the inventory in your ecommerce platform

Sell and share!

Who is TagPicker for

E-commerce Websites

  • Your customers can easily click through the tagged image to specific products, without having to search for them individually on your website.
  • The intuitive navigation saves your customers time and makes it easier for them to quickly find your products and buy them.
  • The tags referencing to unavailable products are automatically disabled.
  • Streamline your customer’s journey.
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  • Monetize your underutilized visual content.
  • Expand your PR content capabilities.
  • Unlock a new and attractive ad format for e-commerce businesses and services.
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Bloggers and Influencers

  • Connect and share images to your products and services.
  • Boost sales and enhance your audience engagement.
  • Integrate with affiliation systems.
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